Suzuki Capital's expertise is Hospitality, Real Estate and Financing. Ranging from hotels, waterfront investment properties, retail leasing, business brokerage, investment sales or financing, Suzuki Capital has a broad range of expertise working with novice owners/operators and investors to the highly accomplished and proficient. We have worldwide relationships along with our multi-national advisors which translates to successful business dealings on many levels.

Suzuki capital not only advises well-known chefs and operators in the hospitality business, we work very closely with hotels, hotel operators/management teams, marina owners/operators, debt/equity raises and any divesting that takes place. We are heavily involved in the beginning to the end of any project, ranging from business plans, forecasting financials, raising debt and equity, selling the business/real estate and/or acquiring the business/real estate. Suzuki Capital also has very close dealings with franchise hospitality owners and operators ranging from business, fixture and lease valuations to understanding what the FDD requires in order to run a successful business. We represent several local and national hotel and hospitality brands that we bring debt/equity or buyers to their establishments. Our connections with vendors, knowledge of real estate markets/trends and ability to raise capital and source business loans set us apart from the majority of our competitors.

Whether it is a hotel needing food & beverage operators, an operator looking to sell their real estate asset/business, buyers looking to purchase and finance a commercial real estate asset, this is our "bread and butter". Commonly thought of as "where hospitality, real estate and finance meet", we have established an exceptional track record of finishing deals the right way all while having a hand holding approach. Our knowledge and expertise have come from years of hard work and relationship building, knowing that we are owners and operators ourselves, we have been in the shoes and answered the questions that continually get asked.


  • Hotels
  • F&B
  • Waterfront properties


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